Commit, then figure it out.

If you’re looking for another “SEO Best Practices” blog, stop reading now. Nothing to be found here about maximizing your profit margin or streamlining the sales funnel. If you’re hoping for a typical content marketing blog, prepare to be disappointed.

This, my friends, is another animal entirely.

I believe in authenticity. I thrive on adventure. And I crave a good story. I can’t promise every blog post will be an amazing read, but it’ll be real and raw and maybe even have hard-won insight or two.

Last fall, we jumped off the metaphorical cliff and started this company. Logan and I left our steady day jobs—him, a manager in the marketing department of a financial services company; me, a Montessori preschool teacher—and filed papers with the state of Montana for an LLC. We didn’t know much, but we knew how to write. Tied down to 9-to-5 jobs that made money but lacked intangibles, or enriched the days while leaving the bank account empty, we craved something better.

There was a chasm to jump across. Feeling pretty certain that happier finances and a life of freedom existed on the other side, toying with the options, spending late nights in wistful discussion, we decided to go for it—and we jumped.

Navigating the impact wasn’t always pretty, but we made it across. Overcame the steep learning curve with hard work. Nearly six months later, we’re finally touching that dream of freedom. We believe in our company and ourselves. But we’d never have made it without a vision—and willingness to take the risk. Committing was the biggest piece, and the details fell into place with careful application of creativity and elbow grease.

Last night we attended a presentation by the ineffable alpinist duo of Conrad Anker and Jimmy Chin. Jimmy, now a world-famous climber and photographer, recounted a momentfrom his early career: Conrad, one of the world’s most accomplished mountaineers, was set to go on a National Geographic expedition to Tibet. Joining him would be Galen Rowell, late adventure photographer, Rick Ridgeway, one of the first Americans to climb K2, and David Breashears, famed IMAX filmmaker. Breashears, who was set to film the expedition, dropped from the team and Anker suggested the then-inexperienced Jimmy as a replacement. On stage last night, Jimmy recalled the phone call. "On speakerphone with Conrad, Ridgeway, and Rowell, I told them that I wanted to go, but I'd never filmed before in my life. There was a pause, and then I heard the response: ‘Commit, then figure it out.'"

Commit, then figure it out.

Is fear holding you back? On some level, fear is helpful—it wakes us up to the possibility of risk, makes us pay attention. But there’s a beautiful place waiting for us just past the comfort zone, its outer bounds firmly within the kingdom of risk. There are no guarantees within its borders, but nothing truly worthwhile is a sure bet.

Headwall Digital is all about the adventure. While fear might try to bum a ride with us, we try to kick it out of the driver's seat. The leap is scary, but the rewards are great. We can’t always be 100% prepared for risk. That's okay. Sometimes making it up on the fly is more fun anyway.

Like I said, this is not a typical content marketing blog. But if we’re stoked about something, you’ll probably find it featured here. And we guarantee honesty—sharing the good and the bad of our experiences. You might read just as many what-NOT-to-do's as how-to's; as my folks like to say, “Oh no, not another learning experience!

For better or for worse, we’re beginning the chronicles of life, business, and adventure here on the blog. We invite you to take the jump with us.