Beyond Better Big Game Hunting: Lead Ammunition's Impact on Hunters and Raptors

The Montana Raptor Conservation Center rescues injured birds and educates the public on conservation issues in Bozeman, Montana. Every month, I create their newsletter, with updates on events, rescues, and rehabilitation efforts, and the occasional article.

The Raptor Center here in Bozeman asked me to mention their need for a new lead-testing kit, and said that they expect to receive many sick and injured raptors during and after hunting season, due to lead poisoning from eating lead-contaminated gut piles from big game harvests.

As a hunter, and a staunch conservationist, I was distraught to learn of the dangers eagles, hawks, and other birds of prey face with human use of lead in wild ecosystems. I wrote this piece on the dangers of lead ammo for the MRCC newsletter, and I hope it helps my fellow hunters learn what they can do to help stop raptor lead poisoning.

If you’d like to share this information on the negative impacts of lead ammunition on raptors and humans, please feel free to download a PDF version to send to friends and family, or simply forward this url.

Thank you.