Choose to Be Remarkable

How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?
— Brene Brown
Keep heading uphill.

Keep heading uphill.

Entrepreneurship and working for a small business can take a lot of hours, effort, and most of our creative energy. Sometimes we get so caught up in playing daily catch-up, that our bigger goals get forgotten, stacked under a metaphorical (or literal!) paper pileup.

I’m fully guilty of that — getting sucked into the minutiae of busy work with clients, and neglecting to put time and vision into my business.

What helps? Setting legit “meetings” on the calendar (sometimes with my husband / biz partner, sometimes with myself) with SERIOUS agendas and goals for lil ol’ Headwall Digital. We’re talking whiteboards and meeting notes, people. And investing creativity back in our own business helps us work better & smarter for our clients.

Don’t settle for just being busy. Make it a priority to be remarkable.